Monday, May 28, 2012

Silly dishes

A nice story.....a couple of months ago the very last lunch plate from my favorite Aunt's everyday dishes fell to pieces. It was cracked and chipped hanging on by a thin thread. Yes I do have many other of her beloved dishes to use with fond memories but this was a special dish to me. Most mornings I would get up and have toast or bagel maybe an english muffin with jam on this dish. I have never had any other blue dishes. This was the only one. Some how it made me happy each morning. Oh well I would need to find another happy dish. The new Turi-design plates perhaps?

Well, Elaine and I were thrift store shopping in Puyallup last weekend (she is the one to go with when you need the luck) and look what I found Chatham Maruta Kasuga Ware 2 plates, 4 lunch plates and 3 bowls! Now I can have oatmeal and eggs with bacon and all manner of breakfast including toast. they are in almost perfect shape. 

Silly how a few dishes can make you so happy!

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