Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Bill bought me a new mower and got the other weed eater working so now it looks like a garden again.Iris are done, Monarda is blooming and forget me nots are coming back.I am planting more perenials and a couple more Rhodys.
we have 3 cords of wood in the shed and 4 more trees on the ground to chop. A bit of Stargazing is scheduled for the 23rd. Planning a big burn too!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spring MIA summer is here

Sounds crazy but I still was lighting fires and turning on the heat just last week and now SUMMER is here.
After weeks of rain the sun finally came out to stay this past weekend and now the real work begins. My mower is in the shop and the grass( if you can call it that) is high about a foot and a half. Birds are everywhere and the bugs are not to bad...yet.
I need to go out and water the freebies I got last week at Betty Poteets. they are in bad shape just trying to get a foothold.

iris 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

working on it really

This is more about life in the country than what I do in the city. Less about art and more on the other things,
It is fairly grim and rainy today. The dogs are not out running the neighbor hood today. Tapas is sitting sleeping in the high chair next to me.
I am waiting for my bluebirds and mountain sparrows to return from the south. A set of bluebirds return every year to the same birdhouse same with the mountain sparrows under the eaves. The robins are back. The house sparrows are picking through the remains of the wet winter as are the slightly yellow finches.
Some of the yard is on the verge of blossoming. Tulip, daffodils and some of the early wildflowers are up. I wish I had a book on the wildflowers of this area as I have questions......

Dish obsession continues

A very fun set that Elaine Madrid gave me. Perfect for breakfast or steak and beans! Then one of my Autie Caroline's tea sets. She p...