Saturday, July 20, 2013

More HollyHocks

a mix of cosmos and coreopsis

the first raspberries. they are huge this year and delicious 

buttery yellow

light pink


a different pink


I am having great luck with Cerinthe this year


just the beginning of it

squash and pumpkins looking good so far

pale marigolds ...I love this color

the Russian Kale....the chicken are eating the bottom leaves

ITS late July

I started some mustard this year and it got away from me so I am letting it go to seed.

Daisy and borage in unexpected places

I have some lovely hollyhocks this year.

This Lilac color is new

This was a transplant from Claudia

More borage ....totally edible.

Monday, July 1, 2013

More from July 1st

daisies everywhere

It hit 95 today ....the hottest we had so far. Today and tomorrow are my fourth of July vacation......I have Thursday off too , its surrounded by work days though.  I spent most of the day mowing...... and weeding. I could do that 3 days a week and it still would not be caught up.
This birdhouse may need a new paint job

Stormy on the lawn

July 1st 2013

Stormy came down today to eat some clover

one of the foxglove has bloomed

We have gobs of daisies and sweet william this year

Lettuce and carrots doing nicely

The first rose of summer

the elderberry is blooming ...maybe some berries this year

I love the contrast of the lambs ear

Dish obsession continues

A very fun set that Elaine Madrid gave me. Perfect for breakfast or steak and beans! Then one of my Autie Caroline's tea sets. She p...