Sunday, March 31, 2013


I think he is settled in and comfy here. Hamish still scares him a bit.

Easter CANDY

Bill is so good ....he always gets me some crazy Easter Candy!

Easter Sunday 2013

Miss Moxie Easter Sunday
So to update..... after Tapas passed away we started to look for a new dog. That space these furry kids hold in your heart is sometimes too difficult to leave empty once they are gone. We knew we wanted another rough coated Jack Russell and that we would definitely rescue one. It took a week (I think) to find the perfect dog(s). Bill scoured Petfinders for Moxie and after reading her story discovered that her father was also available so after about a minute of thought we decided to get them both.

Happy Easter from
Mr Max
Max is not quite sure about Hamish yet. Hamish is so laid back...he gets along with everyone.
Hamish is doing GREAT with them as he always does with any situation...the kitty and Max got into it day one so we are still separating them. We will start integration this week.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tapas and Juno in their younger days!

so today..........

Our little Tapas was laid to rest near her favorite friend KiKi. We are putting apple trees all along that area of the yard to shade them both eventually.

Bills sauerkraut getting ready to ferment for the next five weeks

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tapas is really wearing down these days.....on our walk this past weekend Bill had to carry her most of the way. She turns14 this year

One of my St Francis statue thawing out

Dish obsession continues

A very fun set that Elaine Madrid gave me. Perfect for breakfast or steak and beans! Then one of my Autie Caroline's tea sets. She p...