Friday, June 27, 2014


Not really sure how rare it is but I must say I have never seen this in the last ten years on this property. At first I thought it may be a wild asparagus then it bloomed!
The Phantom Orchid

After my Dad

An Iris I planted 10 years ago finally appeared!

Another 10 year old that came out this year...this one was my favorite surprise!
the elderberry blooming

an iris I traded

orange false dandelion
I needed to take some time off from my art. I just was not in the mood to create anything. Spending the last couple of months outside. 
My Dad was a huge influence in my gardening and outdoor life and I am seeing him especially this year. I did a lot of planting the first year I lived here and I had yet to really see the results of those initial plantings. This year I noticed.

New Robins's Nest in this years Christmas tree
A sign of good luck for the whole of next year

2017 so far

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