Friday, December 19, 2014

Memories of Christmas

Ornaments............. an addiction  I can never give up! My oldest Santa in the back from the old family ornaments and a new thift store find
 A vintage looking snowman from one of my ornament exchanges and the Happy Scrooge from the Hallmark collecting days with Shirley.

A vintage(now) Navy man I got in memory of my Uncle Jack

Another cute snowman

Grouchy Scrooge

A cute woodland hedgehog 

Salt dough Christmas cottage from my ornament exchange days

another Santa

My two favorite ornaments that my Auntie bought. She always brought us ornaments for our trees. If you went Christmas shopping with her she Always bought ornaments for you even after I was  a married woman

so 70's

My Mom did these in the seventies too!

My last cool thrift store finds!

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