Sunday, May 13, 2012

planting seeds today

Planted most of the plants Claudia gave me on Friday including sedum, woodruff,  echinacea, coreopsis and thyme. I still need to cut them back.
today I put out in the newer bed in front Eclipse zucchini ( a small round zuch), beets ( detroit red), zinnia (cactus flowered) and leeks ( american flag).
On the side bed and under the deck I put bright lights cosmos, Moroccan Sun rudebeckia, borage, Monarda lambada, foxglove, Bluebird forget me nots, Border mix sunflowers behind the raspberry bushes, Irish eyes rudebeckia, pollen less sunflowers.
Its a tiny bit early to put much out and we still have lots on the greenhouse.
The hens have been laying an egg each everyday for the past week and the little ones are very skittish but just fine!
Now onto the hanging baskets.

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