Monday, July 18, 2011

today was warm

This evening we walked the dogs and picked a bowlful of wild strawberries to eat over lemon whipped cream tonight (sigh) still delicious! Wild Strawberries are tiny but tasty. There are several good patches and I am letting it spread in the flowerbeds hoping they will be abundant next year. I would love to have a bowl of my own blueberries blackberries raspberries and strawberries. Maybe next year! We planted blueberry bushes recently...3 are doing well... one not so hot.
I got up early and watered this morning watering especially the pots. Potato,lettuces and peppers are doing well.
Chickens are tucked away for the night. They have been dining on fresh grasses and seed heads and old apples. The barred rock chicken is still the biggest, the rhode island red still the bossiest.
This has been the best year ever for the delphiniums and my elderberry looks beautiful. This evening is wonderfully cool but the mosquitos are biting too much to sit outside.
It is starting to be a nice summer....finally.

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