Sunday, July 10, 2011

A beautiful weekend July 9-10

This morning I went for a little walk with the big dogs to check the wild strawberries.This time of year I check almost everyday to see how many have ripened. Pick a few to eat on the trail. Wild strawberries are so sweet even when they are not quite ripe you just cannot resist standing there and eating them right away. While I was out there I think I found some wild asparagus...sort of purplish pink and fuzzy ,weird looking, about five inches tall (pictured below)....strange we were just talking about wild asparagus.
The wild roses are almost finished and I am hoping for a good crop of rose hips.Last year they were not so hot! I want to try to make rose hip jelly full of vitamin C.
In the garden.... the corn is growing,broccoli tomatoes are all coming along nicely.
Its so warm I hung the laundry out today.
Must water tonight!

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