Sunday, February 26, 2012

today it is snowy again!

We were so hopeful that winter was shutting down. We got a total of 8 wet inches. The weather has been in the 40's and we have seen geese flying home and lots of robins so we thought oh early spring ...NOT! I barely made it home last night driving the last 10 miles at 25 miles per hour and sliding all over the road. Today we were expecting company but had to phone and let Linda know how snowy it is up here.... now Bill and I will have to eat 7lbs of spaghetti bake,homemade bread, wine and beer...oh well! We have gone through our seeds today and it looks like we won't need to much to fill out the garden this year. Bill has big tomato plans as he is building a green house. I as usual am focused on flowers. I did enjoy growing the amaranth last year and will try that again for sure as well as boosting the herbs up too. My dill finally died out last year so that needs to be planted. I am anxious to see what bulbs I have left this spring after having planted none this past fall and almost nothing the year before. Bill got the new compost bins built which will keep the dogs out. I have been looking at more gardening blogs on pinterest too ...very fun!

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