Friday, November 18, 2011

its winter Nov 18th 2011

Winter has been a bit slower arriving this year than years past. We usually have snow on Halloween. This year r=the first little snow was this past week and today we are getting some ground sticking footage. I still have a few pots on the porch cover in blue plastic and they are still alive. We brought in 2 bell peppers and a tomato bush, all alive so far. I need to clear the porch before Thankgiving and today might be the day for that. The chickens are fine in the coop, the light is on and we are still getting 3-4 eggs a day. The younger chicken have still not started laying. We have eaten the corn. Bill has been drying bell peppers, bread crumbs and mushrooms. We are going through about 15 pieces wood a day not including palette wood...heaters are still off. Bill think 75 degrees in the house is way too hot I think its fabulous!

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