Monday, May 30, 2011

slow spring

2011 has been a slow spring I still have daffodils in late May and the lilacs are not close to blooming.
For vegetables I have cabbage broccoli cauliflower peas lettuce and beans in. Thanks to the wall o waters pumpkins, peppers and tomatoes. Oh and potatoes for the first time.
Hoping to get red onions in today.
I lost the remaining back roses. Julie from work gave me four bushes she was digging up and they are doing very well so far. I bought 2 own root roses at the master gardners sale and a joe pie weed (Chocolate variety) that seem ok as well.
Bill planted the first patch of asparagas this year and he plans for much more next year.
Rhubarb is up and ready to cut and there are tons of wild strawberries.
I have spent a bit of time (7am-3 pm) planting flowers and digging up dandylions.

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